Lil Nas X Satan Shoes NIKE (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Rage Khorak, Monday, March 29, 2021, 21:03 (20 days ago) @ Fuzzball

I don't get it. So are they refurbishing old trainers? The 666 pairs of trainers will be secondhand?

If they are brand new then surely they can't be using the Nike logo?

You can buy new AIR MAX 97's now https://int.stadiumgoods.com/en-us/shopping/air-max-97-14558799


This company will just be buying them new then modifying them and selling them at a much higher price in a custom box. I'm not sure Nike can do much about that

This MSCHF company already did it with the same shoe with a Jesus theme https://int.stadiumgoods.com/en-us/shopping/air-max-97-jesus-shoes-walk-on-water-14727499

I read the Jesus shoe was supposed to be filled with "holy water derived from the River Jordan" but tests were done on the water from the shoe and it was a lie. So the drop of real blood is also highly likely a lie.

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