Youtube is testing the removal of visibility of the dislike number on a video (Conspiracy / Strange)

by 89foustaine, Thursday, April 01, 2021, 00:12 (18 days ago) @ \/inny

So you can still thumbs down a video but ONLY the uploader of that video can see the number of people that have disliked it :-justno

How is it protecting the weak mind of the uploader if the uploader can still see the total number of down votes?

And if it's done to stop mass coordinated down voting campaigns then the thumbs up rating should also be invisible because it has already been proven that mass coordinated paid-for up voting from farms in India and bots is also a thing. So if Youtube are doing this due to manipulation of the thumbs down button they also should be doing it to the thumbs up button, just get rid of the rating system completely if that's the case.

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